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The Arch Wembley Menu

Lunch & Dinner Menu 12:00 - 15:00 | 17:30 - 22:30
homemade pastry filled with assorted vegetables

Bite sized homemade pastry filled with assorted vegetables

Handmade pastry roll filled with vegetables

Deep fried cassava, flavoured with black salt and paprika

Deep fried cassava avoured with chilli, lime and garlic chutney

Deep fried cassava made with our homemade special sauce

Deep fried cassava flavoured with black pepper and garlic.
Available as Garlic/Black Pepper

Mashed potato flavoured with homemade spices, then coated
in chickpea batter

Spicy fresh fenugreek fritters in gram our batter

pastry stuffed with fresh spiced green peas

Hot green chillies fried in a batter of gram our

Onion rings in a gram our batter

A mixture of chilli, onion and potato fritters

Indo-chinese style medium spiced cauliflower, cabbage and
carrot pieces mixed with corn and wheat our

Corn our coated broccoli in an aromatic homemade chilli sauce

Half potato stuffed with spicy cottage cheese

Baby potatoes cooked in a homemade chilli sauce

Finely sliced potatoes fried in a spicy gram batter


Chestnut mushroom stuffed with spicy capsicum and cheddar cheese lling

handmade pastry filled with marinated cottage cheese

Tangy, pickle avoured cottage cheese cooked in our stone grill

Grilled skewers of cubed cottage cheese, fresh onion, green and red capsicum

Spicy cottage cheese cooked with fresh spring onions and capsicum

The Arch Wembley Menu

Lunch & Dinner Menu 12:00 - 15:00 | 17:30 - 22:30